The architectural proposal uses the extruded quadrant as its starting point from where a series of excavations and shifts based on orientation, program, courtyard shading, view angles to the trees beyond, and accessibility are performed, resulting in a building that mutates to bind its defined internal program with the courtyard and the trees beyond through a series of shaded terraces.

The site for this project is located in a former industrial zone in Delhi. The quadrant shaped plot is flanked by long green spaces densely populated by trees.

Our first thought when we visited the site was to consider the possibility of voiding the street level spaces to allow ‘Nature’ in. Another recurring aspect of our current work is the subversion of the growing imbalance between the public and private domain and the desire to activate the ground for shared community space and increased urban porosity.

The building cantilevers and corbels preserve the outdoor views for all the working spaces while shading the community spaces at the street level, where the building essentially opens up to the city park and mediates the relationship between the public and private domains through the courtyard.

  • Mankind Pharma
  • Okhla, New Delhi
  • 3022
  • 11,205 (1,20,00 sq.ft.)
  • Ongoing
  • Arjun Malik, Ketan Chaudhary, Meghana Tipnis, Ekta Naidu, Amay Gurkar, Erum Chauhan
  • Bharath Ramamrutham


  • KPM Design Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • KPM Design Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • KPM Design Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • KPM Design Services Pvt. Ltd.