The Bhandare Residence straddles and synthesizes a multiple set of matrices. The underlying design philosophy is Sanyam or Balance, which translates into least impact on a relatively dense urban site.

Visual continuity between the front and the rear gardens and the negation of built-up form at the ground level, allows the house to both embrace the form of the site, whilst ushering in natural light and ventilation. The structure itself is composed of shards of concrete that radiate from the narrow entrance to the expansive rear garden; both the visual and the physical flows.

The design philosophy leads to the creation of the two ‘courts’, which provide natural light, whilst visually and experientially connecting the 3 levels.

I find Delhi houses very dark and gloomy, so in the Bhandare house, natural light pervades every nook of the residence. Despite the close physical contact between adjacent houses, it succeeds in developing its unique identity.

Expression of fluidity is attained with the help of poured concrete in all 3 planes. The visual vocabulary of the whole house reflects an intrinsic structural honesty. The concrete walls cant away from the house, striving to heighten the sense of continuity and openness, thereby connecting the front and the rear garden / landscaped spaces. The house was witness to an early integration of services in a false-ceiling-less Residence.

A water channel at the entrance – symbolic of the ‘moat’, transforms into a shard of glass as it penetrates the indoors.

The transition from the outdoors to the indoors is seamless, with the balcony designed as a draw-bridge . . . in a way permitting the façade to alter . . . to express ‘change’.

In the Bhandare Residence, a contemporary idiom has been developed, using a time-less vocabulary.

  • Rahul Bhandare, Manali Singhal
  • New Delhi
  • 4,050 sq.ft.
  • 14,500 sq.ft.
  • Completion 2018
  • Mahesh Suthar, Kinjal, Abhijat Hukkoo
  • Bharath Ramamrutham


  • Mr. Vivek Garg – Global Engineering Services
  • Suhas S. Gangan (Plumbing & FF)
  • M/s. Imperial Electrical
  • K. D. Singh (Aircon Engineers Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Suhas S. Gangan


  • Gurdip Singh Mahal – GSBA Builders Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gurdip Singh Mahal – GSBA Builders Pvt. Ltd.
  • Naresh Meena (Palissandro Venate)
  • MR. K. D. Singh (Aircon Engineers Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Gurdip Singh Mahal – GSBA Builders Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gurdip Singh Mahal – GSBA Builders Pvt. Ltd.