The resort has been conceptualized as an oasis that beckons the visitor away from the parched, harsh landscapes. It rises from the sand dunes as a beacon to tourists much in the same way as oases were to wandering travelers of the past.

Like in an Oasis the landscape is very integral to the design. The site spreads out like a series of pavilions around landscaped courts.

The project was conceptualized as a series of ‘humane spaces’ the courts reminiscent of the traditional palace typology, the ‘kund’ all woven together into a tapestry that echoes the timelessness of the thought and philosophy of India. The layout unfolds to visitors in a sequential hierarchy of spaces. It is based on the principle of axial planning, with the main axis taking the visitor through a series of courts, landscaped gardens and water pools.

The entrance lobby is reminiscent of the traditional floating pavilions as it is surrounded by water. Its façade has large fenestrations to usually bring in the landscape and give the visitor a sense of tranquility. The use of suspended marble jalis creates an interesting play of light and shadow. The jali adds some amount of mystery to the space by adding a veiled effect to the lobby.

  • Mansingh Group of Hotels
  • Jodhpur
  • 1,45,660 sq.ft.
  • 1,45,660 sq.ft.
  • Completed 2014
  • Kamal Malik, Ketan Chaudhary, Lakshmi Tumati, Daisy Daruwala, Dinesh Suthar
  • Bharath Ramamrutham


  • Space Consultants
  • Mansingh Group
  • Modern Air conditioning
  • Vasu Rajesh Arya


  • Mansingh Group
  • Modern Air Conditioning
  • Mansingh Group
  • Mansingh Group
  • V J Home