Closely spaced contours on the steep hill, full of forest and vegetation marks for this beautiful site overlooking the valley.

The driving force was to build on the hill without cutting for vehicular or any other movement, as the vegetation and soil on the hill-side is fragile and can lead to erosion very quickly.The stilt villas are designed intricate to the slope, connected through a vertical bridge, capturing ethereal views of the valley. (please add few lines on sustainability) Away from the noise and hustle, this tranquil hill acts as a silent abode for anyone living here amidst nature.

  • Kamal Malik
  • Tungi, Lonavala
  • 38,450 Sq. mt.
  • 12,455
  • Design Development
  • Kamal Malik, Payal Hundiwala, Neta Kotian, Soumya Shukla
  • None


  • Equilibrium
  • ACME Consultancy Services