Memories of the Golconda Fort Walls taught us the importance of Stone as a material; surpassing sands of time.

Design Attributes Topography responsive: Natural drainage patterns and Contours

Traditional approach to waterfront detailing: Communal nature of ghats, baoris, reservoirs, and kunds

Sustainable Approach: -Micro Climate created by Large water bodies and passive cooling techniques. -Local Materials -Energy Generation- Solar Power -Cross Ventilation -Urban Lung Space- Distribution of green spaces, Bringing nature indoors.

Spatial Planning: -Main Clubhouse Public Activities tied together with Culturally activated spaces -Spaces like Banquet Halls providing modularity in usage -Sports Block and Spa -Porous yet conceded

Construction Methodology and Materiality/Structural Expression- -Locally Sourced large stone block walls, Self supporting; Cavity walls insulated with air -Large Boulders and Rocks- Memory of Hyderabad; Gabion landscape walls -Textural quality of Stone and Boulders -Quality of light with Parasol roof -All encompassing, free floating Parasol- Thick yet lightweight designed as per sun angle and creating deep shaded verandahs and congregation spaces -North Light Roof in Sports Block and Kitchen providing Indirect Natural Light

Integration of Art with architecture

  • Sophus Developers
  • Janwada, Hyderabad
  • None
  • 50,000 sq.ft.
  • Ongoing
  • Ar. Kamal Malik, Ar. Arjun Malik, Payal Hundiwala, Soumya Shukla, Nikhil Devkar, Neha Jaiswal
  • None


  • Gloentech Private Limited – Mr.Vivek Garg
  • C & G Building Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. – Mr. Akhil Ganatra
  • C & G Building Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. – Mr. Akhil Ganatra